Create your memorable brand plan in a day. 

Create your memorable brand plan in a day as my VIP. 

It can be challenging to get the media to feature you as an expert guest, especially if you don’t know how you stand-out. It starts with clarifying your unique system to demonstrate your results. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could not only help you map out your signature offer, but also get it done with you in a day?


Your Becoming Memorable VIP Day.

You're busy building your empire. You know you have a unique offer, you just don't know to showcase it so that it attracts attention or new opportunities for your business. 

My genius lies in attraction marketing for your brand, focused on leveraging your personal expertise, and developing the reputation management strategy that links your content together.

To me, there’s nothing like masterminding your unique brand magic to get more eyes on your big ideas.

So, if you KNOW what you want to do, but the very thought of putting all the pieces together makes you want to scream...

“Talia has an incredible level of passion and invests in the success of every project she touches.”

Her commitment to client service is unparalleled, and she delivers thoughtful strategy that translates into effective tactics to achieve the goals of those she works with. Talia also has a kindness and compassion for others that makes her an exceptional coach and mentor.

- Elisha

But guess what...

I spent years figuring out what works to build a stand-out offer!

It wasn't until I really got to know my own unique strengths and what was working for my clients that I was able to stand-out from the competition. I went from being a marketing generalist, to a reputation management specialist that understands how public relations can build a successful brand for a lifetime.


Introducing the...


Where you work with me one-on-one to create your brand strategy... perfect for identifying the key pieces that are holding you back from attracting new business and media attention. Let's determine how you can showcase your unique signature system.





Brand Analysis

An internal analysis is only half the equation when it comes to your branding. Our day will start by analyzing how you currently achieve success in one aspect of your business, whether it’s for your own business or from working with clients, so that you can turn this success into a system that will help others get results. 



Your System

We will map and refine your proven system into a unique, step-by-step process so that other people can easily follow it and get the results they want. When they get results using your proven framework, you will have a community of raving fans! Your system is your brand, and we will showcase it together


PART Three

Unique Value

Identify the unique value proposition of your signature system so that you can differentiate it from your competition. Your UVP is invaluable in your attraction marketing efforts. Once you have this nailed down, pitching the media and finding new clients becomes so much easier. 




Find the ideal target customers who will be the best fit for your signature system so that they will be able to fully benefit from implementing your system. Before you start implementing other marketing strategies, you need to know who will benefit from your offer and how to find them online. Don't waste precious time on your marketing without a strong foundation. 

How Does This Sound?

The Results You're Going to Get:


Package up your unique expertise into a future proof signature program.


Make it a key part of your business to position yourself as an expert.


Develop a unique and memorable brand so you can erase competition.


 Choose marketing strategies to attract clients to your signature offer.


Develop different levels of your signature system to maximize your authority in the market.


How It Works


First, you’ll book your VIP date on our calendar in advance (limited spots)! Next, I’ll send over some questions so we can determine our unique focus together. 


The day before your VIP Day, we’ll have a quick chat to go over any details so we can get straight to work on building your plan together. 


After your VIP day, I’ll send you next steps so you're ready to showcase your offer. You have 30 days of voxer support, and lifetime access to the materials.

real results

Talia is a great mentor, and public relations professional.

"It is so refreshing to meet a woman that wants other women to succeed alongside her, not against her." 
- Meg Sharpley

real results

She's goal-oriented with a clear vision of how she wants things done. 

"Talia is easy-going and constantly honing her skills to deliver the best results possible." 
- Sharon Barnes

Don't wait another year to create your stand-out offer...

Let's do it together in a day!

Together we will craft your signature offer to showcase your unique solution to your customers’ biggest needs, laid out in an easy-to-understand formula. 

By sharing your unique process with others, you help them solve their own problems, and you can attract more customers that want this same result.
We will add your own twist to your offer based on your personal experience of solving a particular challenge. It will be easier for your target customers to understand and implement your system because you’ve shared your personal journey with them.



Becoming Memorable Framework


The Becoming Memorable VIP Program is for YOU!

Following our VIP sessions, you will continue to work on your overall brand image with the Becoming Memorable resource library. You will have 30 days of voxer support to ask additional questions so you can achieve results!


“This is your day. take the leap to go after it all.”

— Me, yesterday

“Talia is professional and easy to work with!”

Talia has been a great person to know and is always seeking the highest achievements! I fully recommend Talia in every manner as she is professional and easy to work with!

-Nancy Malone 



“If you ever get a chance to work with Talia, I would highly recommend it!”

Talia is great to work with. I really don't know how she does it. While she has a million things going on, she is always organized and gets back to us when she says she is going to. She's a very cheerful person and loves to connect with new people all the time. 

-Ted Lau



Hey there!

I'm Talia, your new reputation expert.

I'm the Founder of Women in PR North America and I provide PR training and mentorship to ambitious women in business. NASDAQ recognized me as a PR Influencer, and PR Week highlighted how I'm helping women succeed.  

What do you have to offer to the world?

I used to struggle with how to stand-out as an entrepreneur. Once I got very specific about my unique offer and how my signature system can help my customers, my confidence skyrocketed. 

There are so many ways that you can stand-out online that it can be hard to focus. Once I removed all the general marketing elements from my plan, and focused on one very specific branding element that was getting me results, I was able to grow my business quickly.

The true value of your own system is that it's unique. Others may have solved your customer's problem in a similar way, but no one's system is quite the same as yours. That's how you can stand-out!


you might be facing a major challenge when it comes to creating your signature system and that's how to get started! 

The best time to start crafting your signature brand offer is today.  

leverage your expertise into a place of profit. 

In today’s super-connected business environment, how you do your work goes together with the results you deliver. This comes in the form of your trademark approach to solving problems, or how you specifically manage and connect with your team.

All these factors build towards your overall outward image inside and outside your professional circles. As you continue to hone your abilities internally and showcase them externally, it’s key that you find ways to remain agile in how you approach yourself and others. 

A key aspect of your brand is to begin with the obvious: yourself. 

As the market continues to evolve, brands are likely to shift how they communicate their current campaigns as well as the products they have on offer.

What great brands do that helps maintain their longevity is continuing to stick towards the foundational elements of their brand while being flexible enough to communicate with different audiences. You might have an ideal brand that you’re aiming for, but without fully embodying it you’ll likely just be making things difficult for yourself.

LAUNCHING a signature system is one of the most critical business decisions you can make.   

If you have a good system that gets results, someone else can use it to get the same results as you, and that will help you become memorable. This is called your recipe for success and it’s valuable to your customers. Ready to create it together in one day?
The challenge here is to find out exactly who those people are so you can focus your marketing efforts on them.

This *is* for you if:

You want to learn how to attract an audience with your unique brand.

You want to streamline your offers and focus on one main thing.

You want to learn how to showcase your expertise online.

You're overwhelmed by this and you're not willing to do the work.

You don't want to build your influence or increase your sales.

It's probably *not* for you if...

You're not willing to adjust your existing brand image.


Still on the Fence?

If you want to grow your business as a successful entrepreneur and grow your sales, then you need to be visible and you need a memorable brand image. Do you have some additional questions?